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chibi_high08's Journal

2 August 1991
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I'm trying to start up my manga on my deviantart account! It's gonna take forever. I also have a gaia account too if anyone's on Gaia :D Anyways I can speak German and I'm current;y learning Chinese and Japanese. I love almost all types of manga (except hentai and yuri and mindless shoujo mangas :P) and I plan to travel to China and gain as much knowledge about the culture as possible and bring it back home :3 I'm currently studying foreign languages and want to be a translator/linguist or a Graphic Artist. So yeah, I'm pretty much an open book so message me! PS- i'm new to live journal and am a total noob on this so i don't know if it works like gaia and deviantart so i appologize for my ignorance :)